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GoAutomotiveMarketing is your trusted partner in the automotive industry’s digital transformation. As a premier automotive marketing agency, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for the automotive sector.


Automotive Email Marketing

In the realm of automotive digital marketing, automotive email marketing plays a pivotal role in forging strong connections with your audience. At GoAutomotive Marketing, we specialize in crafting automotive email marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive results. Our approach is to develop personalized email strategies that align with your dealership’s unique identity, goals, and mission. By collaborating closely with you and your team, we ensure that the content and timing of these emails cater specifically to what makes your automotive business stand out. With our finely-tuned expertise, we aim to deliver impactful, audience-engaging email marketing campaigns that foster growth, enhance brand awareness, and drive automotive sales and service.


Our team at
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is adept at crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience, embodying the essence of your brand while promoting your offerings.

A Great

With our optimized algorithms, we ensure your email campaigns reach the right audience at the right time, delivering measurable results and a significant return on investment.

Our Email Marketing Solutions
Automotive Companies

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An Eye-Catching Design

Our designs are not only visually appealing but also engineered to drive engagement and conversions.

Optimized Algorithms

The backbone of successful email marketing for car dealers lies in leveraging data-driven insights to refine strategies, ensuring your messages hit the mark every time.

Why Your Automotive Business Needs Effective Email Marketing?

The way car dealers engage with their customers has changed in the digital age. Email marketing for the automotive industry extends beyond mere communication; it’s an avenue to build trust, offer value, and foster loyalty, thus paving the way for increased sales and customer retention. 

  • According to data from the Data & Marketing Association (2017) and the Pew Research Center (2019), a striking 99% of consumers check their email daily, whereas only 74% are daily users on Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform.
  • A Campaign Monitor study from 2018 revealed an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 4,400%, equating to $44 gained for every $1 spent on email marketing-specific investments.

Email offers a fantastic chance to entice people back to your store. Email marketing does, however, take some ongoing work, much like most forms of marketing. Therefore, you are probably missing out on a lot of potential if your auto shop’s email marketing is not routinely managed and enhanced, or if it is set up with one of the well-known email software providers and left to its own devices.

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    Increase New Customer Sales with GoAutomotive Email Marketing

    Use GoAutomotive’s specialized email marketing services to unlock the potential for growing your customer base and increasing sales. Our approach is rooted in the concept of personalized engagement, where we craft targeted email campaigns to not only attract but also cultivate leads effectively. With GoAutomotive Marketing at your side, your auto dealership can harness the power of email marketing to its fullest extent, fostering the growth of new customer sales in a dynamic and competitive automotive landscape.

    Our committed staff creates tactics that are specifically tailored to the goals and distinct character of your dealership. We recognize the uniqueness of every company, and we provide email marketing solutions that honor this distinction. By diving into this realm of endless possibilities, you can rest assured that GoAutomotive will be there to assist you in capturing and nurturing leads, ultimately propelling your auto dealer email marketing efforts to new heights, driving higher sales figures and strengthening your position in the market.

    Loyalty Email Marketing for Intentional Repeat Business

    Fostering a dedicated and loyal customer base is a cornerstone of sustained success in the automotive industry, and GoAutomotive Marketing excels in this domain with our tailored loyalty email marketing campaigns. Our approach is centered on building and nurturing a community of loyal patrons who will intentionally return to your dealership for their automotive needs. We understand that it’s not merely about selling a vehicle but also about creating a lasting connection between your brand and your customers.

    Our carefully designed loyalty automotive email marketing campaigns are meant to give your customers consistent value. By keeping your dealership and its offerings at the forefront of their minds, we ensure that the bond between your brand and its customers is enduring and purposeful. With our tactics, we hope to encourage deliberate recurring business—your devoted clientele will come to your dealership first and foremost whenever they have automotive needs. GoAutomotive Marketing is committed to helping you cultivate a community of dedicated customers who not only trust your brand but actively choose it as their preferred automotive partner, enhancing your reputation and generating sustainable growth.

    Automotive Email Marketing

    Keeping Your Vehicle at the Top of Mind is Our Goal at GoAutomotive Marketing

    Fostering a dedicated and loyal customer base is a cornerstone of sustained success in the automotive industry, and GoAutomotive Marketing excels in this domain with our tailored loyalty email marketing campaigns. Our approach is centered on building and nurturing a community of loyal patrons who will intentionally return to your dealership for their automotive needs. We understand that it’s not merely about selling a vehicle but also about creating a lasting connection between your brand and your customers.

    Our automotive email marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted to provide consistent value to your customers. We make sure that the relationship your brand has with its customers is meaningful and long-lasting by keeping your dealership and its offerings at the forefront of their minds. By means of our tactics, we hope to encourage deliberate recurring business, whereby your devoted clientele will naturally visit your dealership for any needs pertaining to cars. Target customers who visited your website VDPs by clicking an email link, and use VIN-specific dynamic display retargeting advertising on Facebook and Instagram to keep your automobiles top-of-mind.

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      Why You Should Choose Us for Email Marketing?

      GoAutomotive Marketing sticks out as the best option when choosing an email marketing partner. Not only do we offer services, but we also work with you to help you navigate the constantly changing digital landscape. We have gained the trust of many auto dealers with our proven track record of success in the field of automotive email marketing. Selecting us guarantees that your automotive business will prosper in the digital era by having a committed partner who will help you harness the potential of email marketing to improve brand recognition, stimulate sales, and cultivate client relationships.

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        You Can Expect the Following Benefits from Our Automotive Email Marketing Services:

        A Constant Process of Improvement

        Our approach is rooted in continuous analysis and refinement, ensuring your campaigns evolve alongside market trends.  

        The Maximum Value

        We strive to maximize the impact of every dollar spent, ensuring a cost-effective yet potent automotive email marketing service.

        No Long-term Commitments

         Our flexible terms are designed to cater to your unique needs without binding you to long-term commitments.


         With our expertise, we deliver high-impact campaigns that not only drive results but are also cost-effective, providing a higher return on investment.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          1. How can GoAutomotive Marketing help maximize the email marketing results of my auto shop?
          Yes, through personalized strategies, expertly crafted content, and data-driven insights, we amplify your email marketing efforts, ensuring higher engagement and conversions. To summarize, our main objective is to assist our clients in developing and executing the finest campaigns possible so they can increase their earnings. We know how to use each email platform to its fullest capacity and help you make the most of your marketing budget because we are familiar with its ins and outs.
          2. Gathering email addresses from our clients has proven to be challenging for us. What is the minimum size of the email list we need to start?
          No fixed number. However, a substantial list ensures a broader reach. We assist in list building strategies to kickstart your email marketing journey.
          3. Does the email marketing service you provide involve sending my customers additional emails? In that case, aren't you concerned that my customers will be upset and unsubscribe as a result?
          According to an old saying, Rome wasn't built in a day. We at GoAutomotive Marketing firmly believe that any business must begin somewhere in order to move toward producing outcomes (and more profits in your pockets). Even if you only have a few email addresses, our staff can still help you launch email marketing. Of course, your email campaign efforts would be more successful the larger the list. Be at ease, though! Even from your most refractory or uninterested consumers, we can quickly gather new email addresses with the use of a number of our methods.
          4. In the past, we have tried email marketing without much success. Is it worth re-considering for my auto shop?
          Without a doubt, automotive email marketing is worth another look for your car dealership, especially when done right and with the help of GoAutomotive Marketing. We can assist you in updating your automotive email marketing strategy with our specialized approach, even if previous difficulties were caused by things like poor targeting or content. By focusing on personalized content that resonates with your audience and precise targeting to reach potential customers interested in your services, we can breathe new life into your email marketing efforts. With the right strategies in place, email marketing for car dealerships can be a highly effective tool for boosting customer engagement, driving sales, and nurturing customer relationships, ultimately leading to greater success for your auto shop in the digital era.
          5. In-store perks and print marketing have always kept our customers coming back. Why should we add email marketing?
          Email marketing can strengthen and supplement your current efforts in customer retention, even though in-store incentives and print marketing have proven to be successful tactics. With email marketing, you can stay in constant communication with your clients, ensuring that they remember your brand and that they receive a customized experience even when they are not in your store. GoAutomotive Marketing specializes in crafting tailored email marketing campaigns that provide value, promote exclusive offers, and engage your customers effectively. By adding email marketing to your strategy, you can create a cohesive and multi-channel approach to keep customers coming back, offering them a more convenient and personalized way to stay connected with your dealership. This guarantees a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your audience and can lead to more repeat business and customer loyalty, all of which we can assist you in achieving.
          6. At the moment, I am working with another business to invest in email marketing. How is GoAutomotive Marketing different from other marketing companies?

          GoAutomotive Marketing sets itself apart from other marketing companies through its specialized focus on the automotive industry. We understand the unique challenges, trends, and dynamics that come into play in the automotive sector. Because of our extensive industry knowledge, we are able to create email marketing campaigns that are both highly targeted and effective, connecting with your target audience and producing meaningful results. GoAutomotive Marketing develops strategies that are specifically tailored to your dealership's objectives, whether they are to boost sales, foster customer loyalty, or enhance your online presence.

          What truly distinguishes us is our personalized approach. We actively collaborate with you and your team to ensure that our email marketing efforts align seamlessly with your brand identity and objectives. We are not a one-size-fits-all agency but rather a partner that takes the time to understand your dealership's unique character. Our goal is to harness the power of email marketing to its fullest potential, delivering meaningful insights and results that cater to your business's specific needs. So, if you're seeking a marketing company that combines industry expertise with a personalized touch, GoAutomotive Marketing is the ideal choice to enhance your email marketing efforts and drive success in the competitive automotive landscape.

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